2014 Dare to Soar

Team Apex athletes competed at the Dare to Soar T&T Invitational in Frisco on Saturday, March 23rd and won a colorful array of medals and trophies! 16 athletes competed and earned a total of two trophies, 10 gold, 6 silver, and 3 bronze overall medals.

Team trophies were awarded to the teams that earned the top 3 scores in each event and level.  Apex athletes Shelby W, Caroline V, and Sabella S. earned first place for their combined scores on level 5 double mini.  Shelby W, Caroline V and Julia P. won first place for their combined scores on level 5 tumbling.

Winning overall gold medals on Saturday were Travis A, trampoline (lv. 6), tumbling (lv. 4), and double mini (lv. 6); Jaret H, trampoline (lv. 5), double mini (lv. 6); Shelby W, tumbling (lv. 5) and double mini (lv. 5); and Sarah H, trampoline (lv. 4) and double mini (lv. 4).

Overall silver medals were awarded to Stacee B, trampoline (lv 5), Morgan G, tumbling (lv 6), Sadie S, trampoline (lv. 5), Caroline V, trampoline (lv. 5) and double mini (lv. 5); and Julia P, double mini (lv. 5).

Bronze medalists were Stacee B, double mini (lv. 6); Sarah H, tumbling (lv. 4), and Alexa B, double mini, (lv. 4).

Other spots in the top 10 were:

Morgan G, 6th double mini (lv. 6)

Sadie S, 6th tumbling (lv. 5)

Emily T, 4th tumbling (lv. 4) and 7th double mini (lv. 6)

Harmony R, 5th double mini (lv. 5)

Melody R, 5th tumbling (lv. 5) and 5th double mini (lv. 6)

Tracy H, 9th trampoline (lv. 5) and 7th tumbling (lv. 4)

Shelby W, 8th trampoline (lv. 5)

Caroline V, 4th tumbling (lv. 5)

Julia P, 10th trampoline (lv. 4) and 5th tumbling (lv. 5)

Sabella S, 4th trampoline (lv. 5), 5th tumbling (lv. 5), and 5th double mini (lv. 5)

Alexa B, 6th trampoline (lv. 4) and 5th tumbling (lv. 4)

The team is currently preparing for their State Meet on April 12th and 13th.