2014 Metroplex Challenge

Members of Team Apex, the competitive Tumbling & Trampoline team, competed at the Metroplex Challenge at the Ft. Worth Convention Center on Saturday, February 16th.  Eleven members competed and earned 18 gold, silver, and bronze medals.  Congratulations Team Apex!

Stacee Brawner:  level 5 trampoline and level 6 double mini, gold for both events

Travis Allen:  level 6 trampoline and double mini and level 4 tumbling, gold for all three events

Sadie Saxon:  level 5 trampoline and tumbling, bronze for both events

Emily Tatsch:  level 6 double mini and level 5 tumbling, bronze for both events

Melody Rutherford:  level 6 trampoline, gold

Shelby Wilkins: level 5 trampoline, gold; level 5 tumbling and double mini, silver

Alisha Sieber: level 7 double mini, silver

Sarah Harrison:  level 4 trampoline and double mini, gold on both

Julia Parker:  level 4 trampoline, gold, and level 4 double mini, gold