Parent Portal Instructions

Making PaParent Portal Homeyments Through the Parent Portal

The Apex Parent Portal is a secure method of signing up for classes and camps and paying tuition online.  An auto-payment option is available as well.

Setting Up an Account

Click here to enter the Parent Portal.

You will need a username and password and a little information about your child.Parent Portal Classes  If you are already enrolled in classes, you already have an account. To receive your password, you need to select the “forgot my password” option. If you call, we can reset it for you.

Online Account Options

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Class Schedule page.

On the left is a menu where you will need to make your selection.  You can check class availability, register for a class, update your account information, check your account history, pay your tuition, or set up an auto-payment schedule.

Class or Camp Enrollment

Click on “Find a Class” or “Find Camps” depending on what you are searching for.

Browse the schedule and make your selection by clicking on “Submit Request”.  Choose your student and enrollment type and any information you wish the staff to know about your child.  A confirmation email will be sent to you when your child is placed in the class.


Online Payments

Tuition information is available after a class or camp request has been approved.  After you receive email confirmation, you can access “Pay Tuition” in Parent Portal.  There you can complete your secure online payment using a credit or debit card.  Additionally, the option is available to set up automatic payments.