Policies & Procedures


T-shirts must be tucked in. Girls with hair long enough to tie up or back should do so. Nothing hard should be worn in the hair including balls, barrettes, or bobby pins. Wearing jewelry is discouraged.


Parents are welcome to observe as long as this does not distract students. Students may not leave class without permission from the instructor. This includes interacting with the parent. Parents, please do not talk to your child during class.

Please keep other children quiet and off the equipment. They should stay in the observation area and refrain from distracting students and instructors.

Make-up Classes

Students who miss a class are welcome to make it up in another class, if desired. Only those students who are currently enrolled in classes are entitled to make up. Check the schedule to find an appropriate time to make up. It is best if you double check to make sure it is okay to make up at that time to avoid overcrowding or cancelled classes.


If a student decides to discontinue classes, please let us know!

Gum Policy

Chewing gum is not allowed in the gym.

Pick-up After Class

Students should be picked up promptly after class unless other arrangements have been made.

Open Gym

Open Gym gives students a chance to practice and play. This hour and a half time is supervised, and coaches will provide instruction upon request. Cost is $10.

Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop carries T-shirts, shorts, leotards, hair twists, wristbands, sports tape, and other items for purchase.


Perfecting athletic skills requires time and practice. Students will progress at different rates depending on their natural ability, the amount of practice they put in, and their level of concentration as they work on their skills. Patience and perseverance will yield positive results over time.


We are here to serve you and desire to make this the best program possible. We want it to be a very positive experience for each participant. If you have suggestions to help us improve, please feel free to share them with us.