Team Apex Regionals Results

Regional Championships

Team Apex ended their regular season on Sunday, May 4th, at the USAG Region 3 Tumbling & Trampoline Championships in Lubbock.  Three athletes took 4 championships, 9 athletes placed in the top 10, and 14 athletes qualified for Nationals!

Over 1500 athletes from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska competed in this talent-charged event.  Some members of Team Apex competed against up to 100 other athletes.  Competition began Friday with Levels 8-Elite and continued Saturday and Sunday with all levels.  The top 3 athletes in each group defined by age, gender, and level, were presented with gold, silver, and bronze medals.  Athletes who were ranked in the top 10 were awarded medals on the podium in ceremonies following each session.

Team Apex athletes who earned championships were Jaret H, Shelby W, and Sarah H.  Jaret competed in the 13-14 age group and earned the top spot for both level 5 trampoline and level 4 tumbling.   Additionally, he earned 4th place for Level 6 double mini.  Shelby, who has consistently impressed judges with her tumbling skills, won the Level 5 tumbling championship for 11-12 year-old girls.  She also placed 5th on double mini and 13th on trampoline, both Level 5.  Sarah competed in the Level 4 11-12 year old category and won the championship for trampoline.  She also placed 2nd on double mini and 4th in tumbling.

Athletes who earned other spots on the podium were:

Stacee B: 3rd Level 5 trampoline, 5th Level 6 double mini

Sierra R:  9th, Level 4 tumbling

Emily T:  8th Level 4 tumbling

Tracy H:  9th Level 4 tumbling

Caroline V:  4th Level 5 tumbling

Julia P:  2nd Level 4 double mini, 5th Level 4 trampoline

In order to qualify for Nationals, athletes must meet a certain score set by USAG.  14 Team Apex athletes qualified for Nationals this year.  They were:

Stacee B, Level 5 trampoline

Travis A, Level 6 trampoline and double mini

Sadie S, Level 5 tumbling

Jaret H, Level 5 trampoline

Sierra R, Level 7 trampoline and double mini

Emily T, Level 6 trampoline and double mini

Harmony R, Level 5 trampoline and double mini

Melody R, Level 6 trampoline and double mini, Level 5 tumbling

Paige C, Level 5 tumbling, Level 6 trampoline, Level 7 double mini

Tracy H, Level 5 trampoline and double mini

Shelby W, Level 5 trampoline, double mini, and tumbling

Caroline V, Level 5 trampoline, double mini, and tumbling

Julia P, Level 5 tumbling

Sabella S, Level 5 trampoline, double mini, and tumbling